[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you will have installed and know how to configure the Block Visitors feature on your EKM online shop. [/intro]



Sometimes it’s necessary to prevent people from viewing your EKM online shop for a variety of reasons. If you have a customer who has placed several fraudulent orders or a lot of fraudulent orders coming in from a specific country, you can block the individuals and entire countries from viewing your EKM online shop.

Installing the Feature

1. From the Dashboard, click Features on the left-hand menu:

2. Click the Feature Library tab:

3. Scroll down to the Customer Service features and click the View More button on the right-hand side:

4. Click the Block Visitors icon:

5. Click the green Install Feature button:

6. Click the Launch button:

This will open the Block Visitors feature:

Block Visitor

To block an individual, you need to add their IP address into the field provided and it helps to enter a Note for your own records, before clicking the green button on the right-hand side:

Block Country

To block an entire country, click the Block Country tab on the top left-hand side and then select the relevant country from the drop-down menu. Again, complete the Note field for your own records before clicking the green Add Country button on the bottom right-hand side:



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