[intro] Before you begin, you need to have created some Webpages on your EKM online shop using this Guide. [/intro]

If the nature of your products requires a lot of user guides where there’s too much text to add into the Product Descriptions but this text can be applied to several products, you can use Webpages to display the information and then organise these into Groups. The Groups can then be displayed in the Product Description via an EKM Tag.

1. To begin, you need to create the independent Webpages first and then click the Groups tab on the top left:

2. Give your Group a name by adding it to the field provided, then click the green Add Group button:

3. When the page has been updated and the Group has been created, make a note of the ID:

4. Now you need to add your existing Webpages to this Group. Click the Webpages tab:

5. Using the drop-down menu next to each of the Webpages you want to add to your Group, select the Group name and allow the page to refresh. Repeat this process until you have added all of your Webpages to your Group:

6. Now you have added your Webpages to a Group, you need to get this Group to display within the Product Description of products that your additional Webpages apply to. To do this, open the Edit Product window of your Product and click the Source button:

7. This will reveal the HTML behind the text within the Product Description:

8. Now you need to add the EKM Tag to display your Webpage Group, which looks like this:

In this example, the 1 represents the ID of the Webpage Group I want to display with this EKM Tag. You can read more about EKM Tags that display specific Webpages and Webpage Groups by clicking here.

9. Add the tag after your existing text, and click the Source button again:

10. You can move the EKM Tag image until you are happy with its location, before clicking Save & Close:

11. If you look at this Product via the front end of your EKM online shop, you’ll now see in the Product Description that the Webpage Group is displayed, with a bullet point next to each Webpage title:



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