[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you will have installed and configured the Card Logos feature. [/intro]



Installing the Card Logos feature allows you to display the logos of payment methods you accept on your EKM online shop prominently on your Theme. This provides customers with recognisable branding and demonstrates from the outset what payment methods you can take, as well as providing an ‘authenticity’ for customers who are new to your shop.

Installing the Feature

1. From the Dashboard, click the Features tab:

2. Click the Feature Library tab:

3. Scroll down to the Design features and click the View More button on the right-hand side:

4. Click the Card Logos icon:

5. Click the green Install Feature button:

6. Click the Launch button:

Configuring your Card Logos

7. The drop-down menu on the top right allows you to select the size you would like your Card Logos to display as, whilst the upper grey box - ‘Cards You Don’t Accept’ - holds the Card Logos you don’t want to display. You can click and drag logos from this grey box into the ‘Cards You Accept’ box to display these on your EKM online shop. Be sure to only display Card Logos that are accepted by the Payment Gateways that you use. If you want to display Card Logos on Category pages too, be sure to configure the category_page box as well as the Default box:

8. Some of the more modern, responsive Themes already have the code for the Card Logos to display as standard, so you don’t need to do anything more. However, if you’ve taken a look at the front end of your Shop and you cannot see the Card Logos - usually they’re within the footer of your Theme - then you will need to add them to an element on your Theme. To do this, click the Shop/Products tab:

9. On the homepage, ensure that the Edit Design button is turned on:

10. Now you need to find an element where you can add your Card Logos. Within the footer is a good idea as this ensures that the Logos will be visible on each page of your EKM online shop. When you have located an element, click the Edit Element button:

11. Within the Edit Element window, you need to click the Content tab:

12. You then need to click the Source button:

13. This allows you to add the code for your Card Logos into the element. You need to copy this EKM Tag:


14. And paste this into the field before clicking the Source button again:

15. You’ll then be able to see the EKM Tag logo. Click Save & Close:

16. You’ll then be able to see the Card Logos displayed on your EKM online shop:

Using Groups

17. It’s also possible to use Groups to organise your Card Logos, allowing you to display some Logos in one place, and others in another. To create a Group, return to the Card Logos feature and add a name for your Group in the field provided before clicking the green Add New Group button:

18. You’ll then be presented with two boxes again, so as you did when you originally configured the Card Logos, drag the Logos from the top box into the bottom one to designate what Logos you want to display in this Group. When you have finished, you will need to locate an element on your EKM online shop to add this Group of Card Logos to:

19. As before, open the Edit Element window and click the Source button, but this time, you will need to amend the code slightly, by including the name of your Group, like this:


The name of my Group is ‘Group1’, so replace this with the name of your own Group. When you have finished, click Save & Close to close down the Edit Element window and you’ll be able to view your Card Logos Group on your EKM online shop:

[tips] You can read more about how you can customise the EKM Tag for Card Logos by clicking here. [/tips]



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