[intro]When you have set up and configured all of your Delivery Methods, it's essential to test that they work correctly, as not testing them may potentially leave you or your customer out of pocket. This Guide will explain how to check that your Delivery methods work correctly. [/intro]

When you have created all of your Delivery Methods for your EKM online shop, it’s important to test them to ensure that they all work correctly. To do this, you will need to use an incognito/in-private browser tab. This is because your browser will already have your details stored in it, so you will be unable to replicate the customer’s experience, especially when the browser remembers any previous cart sessions that you’ve created on your EKM online shop. How to open an incognito/in-private browser tab depends on what browser you are using:


Right-click the icon as it appears on your Windows Taskbar and select New Private Window:

Your Private Window will look like this:

Google Chrome

Right-click the icon as it appears on your Windows Taskbar and select New Incognito Window:

Your Incognito browsing window will look like this:


Right-click the icon as it appears on your Windows Taskbar and select New InPrivate Window:

Your InPrivate Window will look like this:


Click File, and then from the drop-down menu, select New Private Window:

Your Private Browser Window will look like this:

When you have opened an Incognito/In-Private browser tab, visit your EKM online shop via the domain name as a customer would, and place the items in the basket before visiting the Cart page.

It is worth adding the Estimate Delivery Widget for testing your Delivery Methods, and if you have several Delivery Methods to choose from for the same area (1st class Royal Mail, 2nd class Royal Mail and Courier Service for example), check these using the Choose Delivery Method Widget. Don't forget that if you have used Location Restrictions and Price Restrictions, you need to add different postcodes to the Delivery Widget and change the number of Products in the cart to ensure that these settings have been configured correctly. 



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