[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you’ll know whether or not you need to update the logo on your EKM online shop, what you can use if you choose to do so and how to hyperlink it to your homepage. [/intro]



Your logo is the image which identifies your EKM online shop and differs it from the rest, and it’s essential that your logo is fit for your purpose. By this, I mean that your logo is:

  1. High quality;
  2. Translates well online, in print and on other associated media, such as favicons, business cards, flyers and t-shirts;
  3. Clear and readable whether displayed in colour or black-and-white;
  4. Recognisable when both shrunk down and expanded.

I’ve already got a logo - why do I need to update it?

Your logo is the representation of your EKM online shop, so it’s important that it remains relevant. If your logo shows signs of ageing, it will need to be updated. Characteristics of older logos can include:

  1. Excessive use of bevelling and drop shadows, which are design styles that were originally very popular in the early 2000s;
  2. Logos with banner-shaped backgrounds - popular in the late 90s with the use of banner exchanges;
  3. Use of clip art and similar corporate imagery;
  4. Bad quality, pixelated or only a small version of the logo available;
  5. Logo consists of a .gif or flash animation which is dated and will not provide a good customer experience, nor can it be accurately replicated on print media.

Different ways to create your Logo

There are many different ways to create a logo, whether you’re just starting out and have a minimal budget or have been an established business for many years with the money to spend on specialist logo production. The main principle to bear in mind though is ‘you get what you pay for’ - the production of a quality logo that’s unique to your brand and will have a decent amount of longevity can be expensive, especially if you have no prior graphic design experience.

It’s worth looking online for examples of logos used by competitors within your industry for some ideas and inspiration if your budget is limited or non-existent. Once you have a rough idea of the kind of logo you’d like to create, you can then choose from the following options:

  1. Creating your own using EKM Logo Builder;
  2. Creating your own using a graphic design program such as Pixlr or Adobe Photoshop;
  3. Creating your own using a third-party platform, such as LogoMaker or Logojoy;
  4. Employing a company from the EKM Partners Directory;
  5. Employing a freelancer on Fiverr.com;
  6. Employing a professional Graphic Designer.

When you have produced a logo, be sure to download it in different file formats which will enable you to get the most use out of it. A .png file type of your logo will allow you to have a translucent background, which for your EKM online shop is essential. A .png will also allow you to retain detail if the image is expanded or shrunk down. A .PSD or .pdf of your image allows you to see the different layers that make up your logo, and these can be edited for use on different media at a later date.



  • Create versions of your logo with and without the strapline so you can use different sizes in different places;
  • Use a maximum of four colours in your design - the fewer colours used, the better;
  • Use a clear, easy-to-read font so that your customers can read your logo at a glance;
  • Download the largest copies of your logo - a logo can always be shrunk down, but a small image cannot always be expanded without losing quality and detail.


  • Have a background on your logo;
  • Use any forms of clip art or similar in your logo;
  • Use ornate or complex fonts - your logo must be easy to read;
  • Save your logo as a jpeg file as this limits how you can use your logo both online and in print.



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