[intro]When you have completed this Guide, you will know how to add Pattern Variants to your Products using the Add/Edit Product window.[/intro]



[remember]Before you begin, you need to prepare your images. For each Variant Choice, you will need at least one Product Image and one Pattern Image. A Product Image is the primary Product Image for the Variant Choice, whilst a Pattern Image is a close-up of the pattern or design of the Variant Choice.

Pattern Image
Product Image

Each image must be square and measure 1024 x 1024 pixels. You can upload images that are as large as 2000 x 2000 pixels or as small as 500 x 500 pixels as these will automatically be resized but we recommend 1024 x 1024 pixels for the very best results.[/remember]

Pattern Variants are very different to Colour Swatches, as they refer to an image of a Variant Combination instead of a solid colour. This makes them ideal for use with patterned Products such as fabric, wallpaper and cosmetics.

Before you begin, you need to have completed this Guide so that you understand the best way to display Products with Variants on your EKM online shop without affecting your customer's experience or page speed.

Locating the Add/Edit Product window

1. From the Dashboard, click Shop on the left-hand menu:

2. If you have already created a Category and some Subcategories, click through these until you locate where you would like your new Product to be displayed, before clicking Add Product in the top right-hand corner. However, if you want to create a Product on the Homepage itself, just click Add Product:

3. As usual, you’ll need to complete the fields for Product Name, Description and Price minimally, before you click the Variants tab on the top left-hand side of the Add/Edit Product window:

Manually adding Pattern Variants

4. Click the Add Variant:

5. Click Create Variant for Colour:

6. In the window that opens, give the Variant a Name, and tick the box above if you wish for the Pattern Variants to be indicated on the Category Pages:

7. Give your first Variant choice a Name, and then click the Colour circle:

8. In the smaller window, select Upload File:

9. Select the Pattern Image from your computer and then click the green cross button:

10. When that Variant Choice has been added, repeat the process for the rest of your Variant Choices. When you have added all of your Variant Choices, click to Display Choice Names on the Product Page if you like and then click the green Save button:

11. You’ll then be able to view each of the Variant Choices. Click the Edit button on the far-right hand side to edit the first Choice’s Attributes:

12. Now you need to click the Images & Videos tab on the left-hand side:

13. Click Upload New and upload the Product Image for this particular Variant Choice:

14. When you have uploaded the Image, click the Return To Master Product tab in the top right-hand corner:

15. Now you need to click the Edit button for the next Variant Choice, and repeat this process, adding a Product Image for each Variant Choice:

16. When you have added a Product Image for each Variant Choice, click Save & Close in the bottom right-hand corner:

17. Now when the customer views the Product Page, they can click between the different patterns to view the different Variant Choices:



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