[intro]When you have completed this Guide, you will have installed the offline Payment Gateway Bank Transfer on your EKM online shop. [/intro]



Configuring the Payment Gateway

1. On the Payments page, scroll down to Manual Payments and select Bank Transfer from the drop-down before clicking the green Add button on the right-hand side: 

2. You can amend the Visible Name if you wish, and in the second field, you need to add your company’s bank details. Click Update Settings:

3. You can also limit what devices this Payment Gateway can be used with by clicking the Devices header:

4. This will reveal two switches - one for mobile viewers of your EKM online shop, and one for those visiting using a desktop. It’s standard to have the Payment Gateway turned on for both, however, if you want to limit them for any reason simply click the switch and then click the green Update button.

The Customer’s Journey

1. When a customer has reached the Order Summary page of your Checkout Flow, the Bank Transfer Payment Method looks like this:

2. When the customer clicks the Payment button, they will see this Order Complete page:

3. This provides the customer with the details that they will need to make the transfer. When you have received the money from the customer, you can then process their order as normal.

How to edit the Order Complete Messages

1. If you need to edit the Order Complete Message that is displayed on the Order Complete page, from the left-hand side menu, click Checkout:

2. Scroll down to the Checkout Steps and hover over the Order Complete step - you’ll see an Edit Settings button appear. Click it:

3. Click the Edit button for Order Complete Messages:

4. Click Edit Success Message:

5. In the window that opens up, you can edit the text within it to suit your brand. However, be careful not to delete the EKM Tags as these are essential and display important information to your customer regarding their order. Click the Save button when you have finished making your changes.

How to add Logos to the Payment Gateway

1. If you want to add logos to the Payment Gateway so customers can easily identify what cards you accept, from the left-hand menu, click Checkout:

2. Scroll down to the Checkout Steps and hover over Order Summary. You’ll see an Edit Settings button appear - click it:

3. Click the Edit button for Payment Buttons:

4. Click the Edit button for the Payment Gateway you would like to add the logos to:

5. A window will then appear:

6. Click the logos you would like to add to the Gateway and then click the Save button:

7. When the Logos have been applied, they will appear on the Order Summary page of the Checkout Flow like this:



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