[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you will have installed the 03 Phone Number feature which will allow customers to contact you on your mobile phone using a free 03 telephone number.[/intro]



If you are purely an online trader or you only have a dedicated mobile phone number for your EKM online shop, install the 03 Phone Number feature which will allow you to create an 03 phone number to divert your incoming calls to. This looks a lot more professional on your EKM online shop than using a standard mobile telephone number. 

Installing the Feature

1. From the Dashboard, click Features on the left-hand menu:

2. Click the Feature Library tab:

3. Scroll down to the Customer Service features and click the View More button on the right-hand side:

4. Click the 03 Phone Number icon:

5. Click the green Install Feature button:

6. Click the Launch button:

Configuring Circleloop

7. You then need to add your details to the field provided. Ensure that the Phone number you add is the one you would like the 03 phone number applied to, before clicking the green Generate Number button:

8. You’ll then see the telephone number which has been applied to you. Click the green Complete Setup button:

9. You’ll then be taken to the Circleloop website. Click to set up your Password:

10. On the next page, click the Forgot Password link, and then on the following page, add your email address into the field provided and click Reset Password:

11. Then you need to click the green button:

12. In a separate browser tab, log into your email account and look for the password reset email from Circleloop. When you find it, click the green button within it:

13. You’ll then be redirected to this page. Add a password to the field provided. Ensure that your password includes at least eight characters, and these should be comprised of at least one capital letter, and one number, and for extra security, add a symbol such as £ or $. Then click to Activate your account:

14. You will then see this screen:

Downloading the App

You will now need to download the app to your mobile phone: 

When you have downloaded the app, use the email address and password you added previously to sign in:

The feature will work for you straight away and any calls made to you will divert to your mobile phone. You find more information about Circleloop via their website or their YouTube channel

[remember] To receive calls to your mobile phone from your new 03 Phone Number, you will need to have the data on your phone turned on or be on wifi, as the calls are routed through the Circleloop app. [/remember]



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