[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you will have installed and configured the Customer Reviews feature so customers can leave their comments on the Product Pages of items that they’ve bought from your EKM online shop. [/intro]



Before you begin, you need to ensure that you’ve installed the Customer Logins feature previously, as customers need to be able to make an account on your shop in order to leave a review.

Installing the Feature

1. From the Dashboard, click the Features tab:

2. Click the Feature Library tab:

3. Scroll down to the Conversions features and click the View More button on the right-hand side:

4. Click the Customer Reviews icon:

5. Click the green Install Feature button:

6. Click the Launch button:

Configuring the Feature

7. Within the Feature itself, click the Settings tab:

8. This will reveal the Customer Reviews Settings window:

9. Here you can set up how you would like your Customer Reviews feature to appear: 

Require Login - tick the box if you require customers to be logged into their accounts on your EKM online shop before they leave a review. 

Product Review Emails - this will send your customers an email asking them to leave a review for Products they’ve purchased. When you tick this box, you’ll see some additional options. Using the dropdown menus, you can select the amount of time after the customer’s order is given a specific Order Status when the system will send the customer an email requesting that they leave a review:

Allow Star Rating - these provide a view of how a product has been rated at a glance, and are recognised from larger platforms such as Amazon, Wish and eBay.

Order Reviews - this drop-down is down to personal preference; by default, it’s set to ‘Oldest Reviews first’, but you may find ‘Highest Rated Reviews First’ or ‘Most Recent’ more beneficial, depending on what you sell on your EKM online shop. 

10. As always, when you have finished adjusting your settings, click the green Update button:

What the Customers see

11. When a customer has logged into their account on your EKM online shop, they can click to see their Orders:

12. When they click to see an order, they can click the Product too, redirecting them to the Product Page:

13. The customer can then leave a Review on the Product Page:

14. When the customer clicks to leave a Review, they will need to complete this form:

15. They can rate the Product with stars, as well as adding a headline and a written Review. They can also upload up to 5 different images of the Product:

16. When they have submitted their review, they will see this notification:

Product Review Emails

1. If you’ve opted to use Product Review Emails within the Customer Reviews feature, the customer will receive an email like this:

2. These emails are automatically sent from your EKM online shop once a day and will list the most expensive product from the order at the top. If the customer clicks to ‘Rate This Product’, they will be redirected to the Review form on your EKM online shop. 

How to publish the Reviews

1. When a customer has left a Review, you’ll get an email notification:

2. Log into your EKM online shop, click the Features tab and then open the Customer Reviews feature. You’ll see any new Reviews listed, and you can either approve them individually by clicking the Approve button for each or to remove them, simply click Delete. You can sort Reviews using the Filter button on the top right-hand side and change several Reviews at once by clicking Bulk Change:

3. On the Product Page, the Review displays like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my EKM online shop send out Product Review Emails?

This depends on the settings within the Customer Reviews feature, but once you have amended the Order to the correct Order Status, the Product Review Email will be sent automatically by your EKM online shop to your customer within 24 hours of the duration specified within the feature itself.

How many images can my customers add to a Product Review?

They can add up to five images per Product Review.

What happens if my customers click a Product Review Image?

Clicking an image will display it larger and within a modal, so visitors can get a closer look at the image. 

How can I sort my Reviews?

Within the Product Reviews feature, you can sort the Reviews by ‘Top Rated’, ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Has Images’. 

How many Reviews will display on a Product Page at once? 

All EKM online shop Themes will display a maximum of 5 Product Reviews per Product Page by default.

I cannot see the Product Reviews on the front end of my EKM online shop - why?

This could be because your EKM online shop is in Custom Mode. If you contact the Customer Support Team, they will be able to advise you further.



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