[intro]In this Guide you can learn how to install and configure the ClearAccept Payment Gateway onto your EKM online shop. Accept credit card payments easily and safely on your EKM online shop with ClearAccept. [/intro]

[caution]Before you begin this Guide, you need to ensure that you have pointed a domain name at your EKM online shop. You can get a free domain name from EKM Domains, or alternatively, point an existing domain with another provider to your EKM online shop. [/caution]

Your customers will get a frictionless checkout experience and you will benefit from low fees and fast payouts. EKM merchants get access to exclusive ClearAccept fees.

Adding the Payment Gateway

1. From the Dashboard, click the Settings tab:

2. On the Settings page, you need to click Payments on the left-hand side:

3. On the Payments page, click the green button to begin the process of adding the ClearAccept Payment Gateway to your EKM online shop:

4. You’ll then be redirected to the settings for the ClearAccepts Payment Gateway. Click the Add ClearAccept button on the right-hand side:

5. The page will update, and you’ll see the ‘In Progress’ status on the far right-hand side.

6. Your next step is to wait for contact from the Payments Team here at EKM.

Configuring ClearAccept on your EKM online shop

7. When the Payments Team has been in contact with you, they will send an email containing a personalised link to the ClearAccept signup process. Click this link, and you will be taken to the first page. Complete the fields provided and click the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner:

8. Complete the fields on the next page before clicking the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner:

9. Complete the fields on the next page before clicking the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner:

10. Complete the fields on the next page before clicking the orange button, and then the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner:

11. On this page, you need to complete the fields with the details of your business bank account before clicking the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner:

12. On the final page of the signup flow, you need to double-check the information that you have submitted, before ticking the box and clicking the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner:

13. You’ll then see this window. You just need to click the Confirm button:

14. You’ll then see this notification across the top of the page:

15. Your next step is to wait for contact from ClearAccept. This is usually a phone call within a couple of business days. They will confirm the details you submitted during the application process, and then you’ll receive an email containing your temporary password. It is very important that you complete this step within 72 hours of receiving the email before these details expire. Click the orange button to sign in with the details provided:

16. You’ll be redirected to this page. Copy the details from your email and click the blue button:

17. Your next step is to add a new password of your choice. When you have added your password and confirmed it in the field below, click the blue button:

[remember]Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including at least one lower case letter, one uppercase letter, a number and a special character such as ! or &:


18. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see this page. Don’t worry about the error message - it’s there as your account is brand new and you’ve not had any transactions yet:

19. Within 48 hours of the first email from ClearAccept, you’ll receive a second email with the subject line ‘Welcome to ClearAccept’, which contains the details you need to add to your EKM online shop:

20. Your next step is to log into your EKM online shop, and from the Dashboard, click the Settings tab:

21. Now you need to click Payments on the left-hand side:

22. Click the green Add ClearAccept button again:

23. You’ll then see this page. You need to copy all of the details from your email into the fields provided, before clicking the green Update Settings button on the bottom right-hand side:

24. You’ll then see the Disable ClearAccept option has appeared, which means that the ClearAccept Payment Gateway has now been installed on your EKM online shop and you’re ready to take payments:

The ClearAccept Virtual Terminal

Thanks to the ClearAccept Virtual Terminal, you can take payment over the phone too! To do this, you need to create a Quote on your EKM online shop. 

1. On the Orders tab, click Add Quote on the top right-hand side:

2. If you have a customer on the phone, it’s a lot quicker for you to add the Products to the Quote first. Scroll down this page, and begin to create their order. You can do this by typing the name of the product in the Product Name field:

3. Alternatively, you can click the magnifying glass symbol and search for the product using the Product Name or Category:

4. When you’ve added the Products to the Quote, scroll back up the page and ask the customer for their Billing and Delivery Details so you can complete the fields provided. If the customer is a regular customer on your EKM online shop and has made an account, click the Select Customer button and you can search for their details that way:

5. When you have completed all the fields, you need to click Save in the top right-hand corner of your Quote:

6. If you now click to go back into the Quote, scroll down and click the Take Payment button:

7. A window will then appear. You need to ask your customer for the long card number, the expiry date and CVC/security code on the back of the card, before clicking the green button to put the payment through:

8. When the payment has gone through, you can then process the order as normal. 


ClearAccept is a third party Payment Gateway, which means you are using a company external to EKM in order to process payments on your EKM online shop. With this in mind, EKM cannot control how ClearAccept processes payments or influence their policies and procedures. Whilst there are rarely issues with third-party payment gateways, on occasion, it is necessary to contact them directly to resolve any issues as our Customer Support Team is only able to investigate up to the point where the customer is transferred away from your EKM online shop to process their payment before they are redirected back again to complete the order.

The ClearAccept helpdesk is open on weekdays between 8am-6pm and on Saturdays from 9am-6pm. You can contact them via support@clearaccept.com or alternatively, call 0207 1862 186.




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