[intro]Upon completing this guide, you’ll know how to implement the Product Recommended Retail Price functionality on your EKM online shop on both single Products and on Products with Variants.[/intro]



If you offer Products which are below the standard recommended retail price, tick this box within the Product Attributes feature and then click the green Save button on the bottom right:

When this functionality is enabled, the RRP will be displayed alongside the Product Price with a line through it to indicate that the Product Price is cheaper. 

Products without Variants

1. Open the Edit Product window and tick the Enable RRP box:

2. Which will reveal a new field for you to add the Product’s RRP into:

3. Ensure that the RRP is higher than your Price, and then click Save & Close in the bottom right of the Edit Product window. When the Product is displayed on your EKM online shop, you’ll see you standard Product Price and next to that the RRP Price, which is crossed out, indicating to the customer that by purchasing this product, they’re making a saving:

Products with Variants

1. As always, if your Product has Variants and you want to apply the RRP Price to the Variant Choices, you would click the Variants tab in the Edit Product window first:

2. Then click Edit next to an existing Variant Choice:

3. Tick the box to enable RRP and add the RRP into the field provided:

4. Then save your changes on the bottom right of the Edit Product window by clicking the green Save button, before clicking Return to Master Product. Repeat this process for all of the Variant Choices of that Product. When you have saved your changes, the Product’s RRP will display like this, where the Product Price is a larger font and the Recommended Retail Price is a small font with a strike through it:

[remember]You can also assign RRP using spreadsheets and the Import Export System feature if you have a lot of Products that you want to edit all at once. Click here for the Guide you'll need to follow.[/remember]



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