[intro]When you have completed this Guide, you will have sent your email newsletter to one of your Contact Groups. Before you begin, it’s essential that you have created at least one Contacts Group and uploaded some Contacts into it - you can learn how to do this within this Guide. [/intro]



Test Send

Before you send your email newsletter out to one of your Contact Groups, it’s recommended that you do a ‘Test Send’ and send a copy of the email to yourself first. This way, you can review how the email newsletter displays in your own personal email account and view it on both desktop and mobile. If there are any issues with your content, you can simply edit these before you send the email to your Contact Group.

1. To begin, open the email newsletter you would like to send, and click the green Save & Send button on the bottom right:

2. You’ll then see this window, as your email newsletter content is checked:

3. When your email newsletter has passed the checks, you will be automatically directed to this page to select your Campaign type:

4. A/B Split Testing is a method of sending email newsletters which allows you to gauge how well your customers receive them, based on their subject lines. You need to have over 500 Contacts within your EKM Email Marketing account in order to use this functionality, so for now, click the green Send Now/Schedule button:

5. This will take you to the Campaign Delivery Details page. Add a Subject Line for your email newsletter and then in the bottom left, click the Send Test button:

6. You’ll then see this window appear. Add in your personal email address and click the green button:

7. The Test Send email can take up to an hour to arrive, depending on the email address you’ve sent it to. Open a separate browser tab and log into your email account. When the email arrives, you can review the content:

8. You’ll notice there’s a [PERMISSIONREMINDER] tag that’s visible in my Test Send. This is because the email is a Test Send, so some of the EKM Tags within the email newsletter - especially if you have built your own email newsletter Theme from scratch - may be visible as the system only requires you to enter your email address into a pop-up window and does not ‘read’ your email address and other saved Contact Details from a Contacts Group. These tags won't be visible when you send the email newsletter out to your Contacts Group.

Actual Send

9. If you’re happy with how your email displays on both mobile and desktop, return to the browser tab viewing your EKM Email Marketing account and click the Select Groups button to choose which of your Contacts Groups you’d like to send the email newsletter to:

10. Tick the box next to the appropriate group, and click the green button:

11. Then you need to click the green Send button:

12. You’ll then see this window. Click the ‘Yes’ button if you’re ready to send your email newsletter:

13. You’ll then see this page - the graph is empty because your campaign is being sent so nobody has opened it or read it yet:



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