[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn about the Help To Grow Digital scheme and where to go to apply for financial support.[/intro]

What is Help to Grow Digital?

This is a scheme for business owners across the UK, backed by the government with the aim of helping business owners choose, purchase and adopt digital technologies to help them grow their businesses. Help to Grow Digital offers free and impartial guidance about which digital technologies are best suited to your business and how they can help your company grow. You can read more about this on the official website

If your business is eligible, you can access a discount of up to 50% on the costs of buying approved software, worth up to £5,000. Note: You can only apply for one discount per eligible business. 

Who is eligible?

The financial discount towards purchasing digital technologies from the approved list of suppliers on the Help To Grow Digital online platform is available to all UK businesses that meet all four criteria:

  • Your business must be purchasing the approved software for the first time - so cannot be used towards a service that you currently use;
  • Your company must employ between 1 and 249 members of staff;
  • Your business must have an official office registered in the UK and be registered with Companies House or be a registered society listed on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Mutuals Register;
  • Your company must have been actively trading for over twelve months prior to the date of application and have an incorporation date of 365 days minimum prior to the date of application. 

How do I apply?

You can apply for the discount on partner-approved software on the official website.

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