[intro] There was an issue with the Photo Editor, located within the Add/Edit Product window on the EKM online shop platform. This Guide explains the issues and suggests alternatives which can be used. [/intro]

We were made aware of an issue with the Photo Editor which was located within the Add/Edit Product window on the EKM online shop platform. The Photo Editor was third-party functionality which was launched when Edit Image was selected in the drop-down menu however this action was causing the page to freeze. The company that originally provided this service was bought out by Adobe some time ago and Adobe has now decided to withdraw the service entirely.

At present, there are no life-for-like alternatives available, however, we are continuing to look into this and may be able to offer this functionality in the future.

There are alternatives available; you can rotate images on your own computer by right-clicking them and selecting 'rotate left' or 'rotate right' within the folder where the image resides and if you're using a PC, the application Paint which comes installed as standard will allow you to rotate, edit and resize images too. Free platforms such as ResizeImage, Canva and Pixlr will allow you to edit and resize Product images before they are uploaded on the EKM online shop platform.

[remember] This issue does not affect the EKM Image Builder - used for creating banners and Design Images or the EKM Logo Builder. [/remember]

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