[intro] When you have completed this guide, you will have installed the Discount Management feature, and be able to offer discounts to your customers that both trigger automatically and are triggered by a coupon code. [/intro]



You can use the Discount Management feature to set up coupon codes, free shipping, offers and promotions on your EKM online shop. Using offer is a great way to encourage loyalty and to tempt potential customers to explore your EKM online shop. You can use the Discount Management feature to offer gift vouchers, allow free shipping and countless other discount combinations too.

Installing the Discount Management Feature

1. To install the Discount Management feature, click the Features tab:

2. On the Features page, scroll down to the More Features box and click the Discount Management icon:

3. Click the green Install Feature button:

4. This will lead you to the first page of the Discount Management feature. This is what you will see usually when you click the Feature on the Features page.

Setting up your Discount

1. Click the Add a new Discount button:

2. You need to give your Discount a name in the field provided. This will be visible to your customers, so ensure that it is appropriately named and that there are no spelling mistakes. When you have given your Discount a name, click Next:

3. You now need to give the Discount a description - this is also visible to the customers, so again, make sure it is clearly written with no spelling mistakes before clicking the Next button:

4. Now you need to tell the system how long you want this offer to run for. Adjust the dates and times accordingly before clicking the Next button:

5. On this page, you need to decide if the Discount you are setting up will work in conjunction with other discounts. This is something you need to think about as if you plan to implement a lot of different coupons and offers, you may end up losing money if customers are able to trigger lots of discounts all at once. Read the Discount Priority guide if you intend to run a lot of Discounts all at once.  Select your answer:

Discount Triggers

6. On this page, you need to choose what behaviour triggers your Discount:

7. Now you need to click on one of the options below for the Support Guide required to finish Setting up your Discount:

  • Coupon - Customers must enter a coupon code in order to receive their discount. This is useful for adding coupon codes to both print and online media to encourage people to shop with you, and you can create your own gift vouchers using coupon codes too.
  • Cart Value - The customer must add products over a specific amount to their cart for the Discount to trigger. This is a useful offer to run if you have lots of end of line or end of season stock which you want to sell quickly.
  • Number of Products Ordered - Your customer must order a set number of specific products in order to receive their Discount.
  • Specific Products Ordered - The customer must order specific products in order to receive their discount. Again, this is useful if you have a lot of end of line products you want to sell quickly to make room for new stock on your EKM online shop.
  • Repeat Customer - if you have Customer Login activated on your EKM online shop, you can offer repeat customers a Discount to reward their loyalty. The customers must be signed into their accounts on your EKM online shop to trigger the Discount.
  • Payment Method Selected - Choose this option to allow your customers to receive a discount if a specific Payment Gateway is used when making their purchase.



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