[intro]On this page you can download either a PDF or CSV document detailing the payouts Klarna have made to your bank account. [/intro]

The PDF version is a Summary Report detailing how many sales you have had, the total income from these sales, any refunds processed and any fees paid to Klarna. 

If you want to see a more detailed document regarding the separate sales then you will need to download the CSV document. A CSV document can be opened in a variety of programs such as Excel and Numbers. When first downloaded, the CSV can seem slightly confusing and the following is a guide on how to get this spreadsheet to display in an easier to read format.

The following guide is based upon opening this document within Excel. 

To separate all the data within your CSV document to individual columns you will first need to open the CSV document within Excel and highlight the first column:

From here Click onto the Data tab at the top and select the 'Text to Columns' option:

A pop up will appear and you will need to select the 'Delimited' option from the Original data type option:

Click 'Next' and ensure that the Delimiters selected is set to just 'Semicolon':

Finally, click 'Next' and then 'Finish' and you will see that all of your information has been put into separate columns as so:

To find the Sale/Fee relating to your EKM order, you can find the EKM 'Order Number' listed underneath the 'merchant_reference1' column:

Below you will find a description regarding all of the column headings you will find within your CSV document.

Header fields

Body fields

total_sale_amountDecimalTotal of all "sale" events
total_fee_amountDecimalTotal of all "fee" events
total_return_amountDecimalTotal of all "return" events
total_reversal_amountDecimalTotal of all "reversal" events
total_commission_amountDecimalTotal of all "commission" events
total_holdback_amountDecimalAmount held back until a future payout
total_repay_amountDecimalAmount used to pay back previous debt
total_release_amountDecimalAmount released from an earlier holdback
total_settlement_amountDecimalTotal amount of this payout
(sales + release - fees - returns - holdback - reversals - repay = total_settlement_amount)
total_tax_amountDecimalTaxes paid by the merchant for Klarna's services.
payment_referenceStringUnique identifier of this payout
settlement_currencyISOSettlement currency
payout_dateDateDate of the payout. Please note that it’s not necessarily the date that the merchant receives the funds.
merchant_idStringKlarna Merchant ID, like "K000000"
merchant_settlement_typeString“NET” or “GROSS”
typeStringType of this event. Possible values:

  • SALE


  • FEE



capture_dateDateDate of capture 
sale_dateDateDate of sale 
order_idUUIDOrder ID
short_order_idStringCustomer-facing order ID, like "ABC1234"
capture_idStringCapture ID
merchant_reference1StringMerchant provided order ID
merchant_reference2StringMerchant provided order ID
posting_currencyISOSales currency

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