[intro]The browser Google Chrome is scheduled to update to version 66 around the 17th April 2018, and if you are a regular user of this browser this latest update is something you need to be aware of. [/intro]

Google Chrome’s latest update 66 will no longer ‘trust’ websites that have installed SSL Certificates supplied by the company Symantec which were applied before the 1st June 2016. Beta users of the Google Chrome browser saw the effects of update 66 from March 18th 2018, and this update will be rolled out to all Google Chrome browsers on the 17th April 2018.

When Google releases the Chrome 70 update - which will be seen by beta users from 20th July 2018 and will be rolled out to all Chrome users around 18th September 2018, will see all Symantec issued SSL/TLS Certificates applied before 1st June 2016 as untrusted.

Both of these updates will see lots of online businesses affected by this as Chrome users will see warning messages when they try and access the websites.

Why has this happened?

A company called Symantec - who issue SSL Certificates - were found by Google to have issued certificates to a small number of websites that did not comply with industry standard guidelines. As a result, Google’s browser - Chrome - will no longer trust websites who have had their SSL Certificates issued by Symantec in an effort to keep internet users safe from potentially dangerous websites.

What is EKM doing about this issue?

Don’t worry, this issue will not affect you. The SSL Certificates for EKM online shops which are purchased from EKM Domains are only issued for one year, so if you had purchased an SSL Certificate before 1st June 2016, it would have renewed at least once already and would not be affected by the Chrome 66 update.

What do I need to do?

For the moment, absolutely nothing at all. For the next Chrome update which will distrust SSL Certificates issued between September and December 2017, we will be providing updates on this page nearer the time to let you know if there is anything you need to do.



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