[intro] Before you begin, you need to ensure that you have completed this guide first which will show you how to install the Discount Management feature and set up the first part of your Discount. [/intro] 

This kind of discount would not necessarily require your customer to enter a Coupon Code in order to trigger the discount - instead, it could be triggered by an action, in this case by adding specific Products to the Cart.

However, if you do want to use a Coupon Code on this Discount, you can do so, but be aware that you are then requiring your customer to then complete two tasks in order to receive their Discount - the first is to add the specified Products in the Cart and the second is to enter the Coupon Code.

1. On this page, you will need to tick the box next to any Products you wish to trigger this discount:

[tips] All of the Products are listed in alphabetical order and on my Test Shop, all of my Products are displayed on the homepage. If you have a lot of Products and lots of Categories, you can sort the Categories alphabetically first and quickly locate your Free Product by clicking the Category header at the top of the table:


2. When you have ticked the boxes next to the Products in the list, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green Next button:

3. You will then be able to adjust the number of individual Products which will trigger the Discount. Changing the Qty column to 99 for each Product, for example, would mean that your customer would need to purchase 99 of the Product for the offer to trigger.

You can use the drop-down menu on the top right of this page to select whether to use 'Shared Quantity' (so if the customer has to buy 12 to trigger the offer, the 12 units can be made up of different selected products) or Individual Quantity (for the customer to trigger the offer, they must purchase 12 of the same product). 

When you have decided how many reduced price Products a customer can claim as part of this Discount, click the Next button:

4. You will then be asked if this Discount is triggered via a Coupon Code. If you select 'Yes' continue these steps. If you select 'No', please scroll down to step 13 of this guide:

5. If you select Yes, you need to set up your Coupon Category if you don’t have an existing Coupon Code you would like to use. To do this, click Add New Coupon Category:

6. You then need to give your Coupon Category a name. This will not be visible to your customers and is used so you can differentiate between different groups of Coupon Codes. You might have advertised some codes on print media, such as on leaflets or in newspapers, so you would group these together. When you have named your Coupon Category, you need to click Next:

7. Now you have created your Coupon Category, you can create the codes within it. Give your Coupon Category a description, so you know at a glance what the codes within that Category are intended for. You then need to click Add New Coupon:

8. On this page, you actually create your Code. To do this, add your Coupon Code into the field provided. Ensure that the Coupon Code consists of only capital letters and numbers - do not use any characters such as % or #.

You then need to decide whether the Coupon can be used multiple times. The majority of the time this will be ‘yes’ unless you are making a Gift Voucher (see below).

Finally, you need to set the dates for your Coupon Code as you did when setting up your Discount, before clicking the Next button:

9. You will then see your Coupon Category Page, with your Coupon Code displayed across the bottom. Click the Next button:

10. You’ll now return to the flow for setting up the rest of the Discount. The Coupon Category that this Discount will use is indicated to the left, and to the far right, the number 1 indicates that there is one Coupon Code that will trigger this Discount. Tick the box to use this Coupon Code on your Discount and then click the Next button:

11. You will then need to select what the customer receives as a reward when they have inputted the Coupon Code:

12. Click the link below for the guide to complete your Discount:

13. If you select No, you will then need to select what the customer receives as a reward when they have inputted the Coupon Code:

14. Click the link below for the guide to complete your Discount:



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